Quick Hitch

950 940B Quick hitch


  • The Quick Hitch, designed in accordance to ASAE specs, attaches to the tractor's 3 point hitch allowing for quick and easy hook up to a wide variety of implements.
  • Look for the  950 940B Quick hitch symbol on Befco product pages. This will alert you to the products on which the Quick Hitch can be used.
  • We also offer an optional floating Quick Hitch Adapter for our C30, C50 & C70 grooming mowers. This adaptor allows the mower to maintain its full float capability while using our Quick Hitch.


C50 mower shown with Quick Hitch Adaptor


Model Description Hitch Overall width Overall height Overall length Weight lbs
  Quick Hitch
QH1-100 Quick Hitch Cat. 1 30 1/2" 22" 8" 57
*002-800 Quick Hitch
Cat. 1 23 1/4" 23 1/2" 19 1/2" 49
**001-700 Quick Hitch
Cat. 1 23 1/4"  23 1/2" 19 1/2" 53

*Quick Hitch Adapter available on all C50 & C70 models.

**Quick Hitch Adapter available on all C30 models.

WARNING: When using a quick hitch on a PTO driven implement, always ensure there is proper overlap prior to use. If there is not the minimum 6" overlap, do not use. Contact your dealer to purchase a longer driveline.

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