Sickle Bar Mower

20-75 HP (15-56 KW)

540 rpm
950 940B Quick hitch


  • 3 point linkage, cat. 1 & 2.
  • Double action sickle bar.
  • Single action hydraulic cylinder with restrictor.
  • Safety release standard on all units.
  • Transport lock bar secures cutting bar for
    transportation to and from field.
  • Transport blade guard standard.
  • Equipped with cylinder stop to raise cutting bar using tractor's
    hydraulic system.
  • Ideal for mowing around lakes, ponds, set-aside, conservation
    acreage and ditch banks.
  • Delivered with extra cutting blade.
  • Heavy duty shielded pto shaft (1 3/8" ASAE cat. 4).
  • Will mow 90° up and 55° down.



Cast aluminum connection rods and cover improve reliability of the unit and helps keep components cool.   


  Correct belt tension is easily monitored when the yellow arrow lines up to the yellow washer.

Blade section and teeth.




Model HP Working
speed mph
Lift Driveline
1 3/8"
 Sickle Bar Mowers
BSB-272 20-75 72"  130"  628 717 9 Hydraulic ASAE cat. 4
BSB-284 20-75 84"  142"  650 750 9 Hydraulic ASAE cat. 4
BSB-296 20-75 96"  154"  672  782 9 Hydraulic ASAE cat. 4

WARNING: When using a quick hitch on a PTO driven implement, always ensure there is proper overlap prior to use. If there is not the minimum 6" overlap, do not use. Contact your dealer to purchase a longer driveline.


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