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Current openings

Territory manager - Virginia, Delaware, Maryland

General Job Description: Manage dealer network, ensure dealer inventory accuracy, manage equipment demonstrations.

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Production painter

General Job Description: product preparation, painting/finishing, warehouse maintenance, general material handling/preparation and other duties as assigned.

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Industrial engineer

General Job Description: Industrial engineer experienced with Autodesk Inventor software to perform a variety of engineering work including design, production manufacturing, product testing, making and maintaining bill of materials, utilizing nesting software, purchasing raw materials and components.

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Maintenance technician

General Job Description: Maintenance technician to perform maintenance and repairs on machinery on the paint line, assembly line, compressors, dehumidifiers and forklifts.

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Mig welder

General Job Description:  Work includes setting speed, feed and temperature controls, locating work fixture, keeping machine loaded with welding wire, cleaning work before welding to insure good welds, cleaning work after weld, loading and unloading work from fixture and making machine adjustments to maintain quality welds.

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Production operator

General Job Description: The overall role of the Production operator is to work with a team on the assembly line, prepare product, load and  unload product  from the conveyor system, assemble product, apply decals and crate  products.

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Parts Picker

General Job Description: The parts picker is responsible mainly for reviewing parts orders, locating parts utilizing bin location system, verifying that part number and quantity match the order, preparing and packaging the order for shipping. Person must assist also with bin location maintenance, re-stocking, inventory, cleaning and other tasks as directed. Applicant may be required to assist customers over the phone when necessary.

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