Unmatched quality since 1980!

Since its foundation, BEFCO's objective has always been to provide its customers with the best lawn and ground care equipment the market could offer.

Unlike other manufacturers who outsource key items on their machines like gearboxes and drive components, BEFCO manufactures and assembles its own gearboxes,  transmissions and spindles. This is the only way to guarantee the customer they will  receive the quality attachment they have come to expect from BEFCO.

With over a dozen product lines to choose from, BEFCO has the grooming mower, gang mower, flail mower, flail shredder, rotary cutter, rotary tiller, primary seeder,  overseeder, aerator, spreader, post hole digger, hay rake, tedder, sickle bar mower,  chipper, box scraper, grading scraper, rear blade, landscape rake or soil pulverizer to  suit your needs!

Upcoming Events


Southern Farm Show
January 31 thru February 2, 2018
NC State Fairgrounds
1025 Blue Ridge Rd
Raleigh, NC 27607
Visit us at booth #620

National Farm Machinery Show
February 14-17, 2018
Kentucky Fair & Expo Center
937 Phillips Lane
Louisville, KY 40209

Visit us at booth #6413

Empire Farm Days
August 7-9, 2018
Rodman Lott and Son Farms
2973 State Route 414
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
Visit us at booth #719

Ag Progress Days
August 14-16, 2018
Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research
2710 West Pine Grove Road
Pennsylvania Furnace, PA 16865

Sunbelt AG Expo
October 16-18, 2018
Spence Field
290-G Harper Boulevard
Moultrie, GA 31788
Visit us at booth #WC-10-6A

  • Cyclone C30 CE
    Cyclone C30 CE
    Grooming mower (engine driven)
  • Cyclone C30
    Cyclone C30
    Grooming mower (16-30 HP)
  • Cyclone C50
    Cyclone C50
    Grooming mower (20-50 HP)
  • Cyclone C70
    Cyclone C70
    Heavy-duty grooming mower (30-70 HP)
  • Cyclone Flex
    Cyclone Flex
    Pull type gang mower (25-80 HP)
  • Cyclone Super-Flex
    Cyclone Super-Flex
    Pull type gang mower (35-80 HP)
  • Cyclone EZ-Flex
    Cyclone EZ-Flex
    3 point gang grooming mower (25-60 HP)
  • Hurricane H40
    Hurricane H40
    Flail mower (16-40 HP)
  • Hurricane H70
    Hurricane H70
    Flail mower (30-70 HP)
  • Hurricane H80
    Hurricane H80
    Commercial flail mower (40-80 HP)
  • Destroyer D90
    Destroyer D90
    Commercial flail shredder (40-90 HP)
  • Mole
    Post hole diggers & augers (15-90 HP)
  • Tornado BRC
    Tornado BRC
    Standard duty rotary cutters (20-60 HP)
  • Tornado RMD
    Tornado RMD
    Medium duty rotary cutters (35-80 HP)
  • Tornado RHD
    Tornado RHD
    Heavy duty rotary cutters (50-100 HP)
  • Till-Rite T30
    Till-Rite T30
    Rotary tiller (16-30 HP)
  • Till-Rite T40
    Till-Rite T40
    Rotary tiller (20-40 HP)
  • Till-Rite T50
    Till-Rite T50
    Rotary tiller (25-50 HP)
  • Till-Rite T60
    Till-Rite T60
    Rotary tiller (35-60 HP)
  • Till-Rite T70
    Till-Rite T70
    Rotary tiller (40-70 HP)
  • Green-Rite
    Overseeder-aerator & seeder-cultivator
  • Seed-Rite
    Primary full width seeder
  • Baby-Hop
    Ground driven fertilizer spreaders
  • Hop
    Fertilizer spreader w/steel hopper
  • Poly-Hop
    Fertilizer spreader w/poly hopper
  • Turbo-Hop
    Pendular fertilizer spreaders
  • Landscape Rake
    Landscape Rake
    Subcompact & Standard duty (16-65 HP)
  • Box Scraper
    Box Scraper
    Subcompact & Standard duty (16-65 HP)
  • Grading Scraper
    Grading Scraper
    Subcompact & Standard duty (16-65 HP)
  • Rear Blade SD
    Rear Blade SD
    Subcompact & Standard duty (16-50 HP)
  • Rear Blade HD
    Rear Blade HD
    Heavy duty rear blade (30-80 HP)
  • Soil Pulverizers SD
    Soil Pulverizers SD
    Standard duty (25-50 HP)
  • Soil Pulverizers HD
    Soil Pulverizers HD
    Heavy duty (40-90 HP)
  • Core Aerator SD
    Core Aerator SD
    Standard duty (20-50 HP)
  • Core Aerator HD
    Core Aerator HD
    Heavy duty (20-70 HP)
  • Finger Wheel Rakes
    Finger Wheel Rakes
    3 Point linkage (16-80 HP)
  • Finger Wheel
    Finger Wheel "V" Rakes
    3 Point & pull type "V" rakes (16-80 HP)
  • Tedders
    Pull type (20-60 HP)
  • Windrower Rakes
    Windrower Rakes
    3 Point linkage (20-50 HP)
  • Sickle Bar Mowers
    Sickle Bar Mowers
    Double action sickle bar (20-75 HP)
  • Bushmaster
    PTO driven chipper (30-50 HP)
  • Quick Hitch
    Quick Hitch
    Fits a wide variety of Befco products.
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